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Tested mobile phone apps that can earn extra income!


Since 2015, I have been testing different ways of making money. I’ve rejected most of the applications I’ve tested, but here are some with which I constantly make a side income myself.



The service used to be Arkkeo, but it didn’t really take off properly. They made a reasonable update — you connect the card to the service and after that you don’t have to show any barcodes or a separate card, but the payment card you use works for collecting points.

Download the application here https://www.propspoints.com and don’t forget to add profile in the section – redeem the code and enter YWJSGY there

Remember to “mine” the points once a week. The points can be used versatilely at eateries in numerous shops.

Remember to connect a payment card to get points – no, it doesn’t cost anything. So you get points for every store visit, regardless of the store!!


Earn by watching ads

At the moment, you can join the waiting list for the service where you watch ads and give them a rating. For this, you will be rewarded with points that you can exchange for money or gift cards for e.g. K-kauppa.

Join the waiting list here.


Pi currency

I’ve been recommending this for years and there’s a reason for that. I myself have accumulated thousands of Pi coins, which will be worth something between €30 and €300 next year. It’s not too late to join. All you need is a mobile phone. The service does not take bandwidth or power, but mines Pi currency in the background. You should ask me how to use the coins, but be careful – take your password and the word list of the wallet. There is no way to return it.

Download the pi here and add the code fr0g1 when asked for a referral


Alpha network

Alpha coin is another mobile mining currency. The currency in question does not have the same credibility in my eyes simply because these coins are easier to get. This doesn’t take away power either, and you never know if something will come of this coin. download the application and use the code btctrader and you will get an extra coin.


Ice coin

In honor of winter, it’s time to talk about the newest mobile currency. iPhone users do not even need to download any application. I believe in Ice currency a little more than Alpha. Here, too, the calling code is fr0g1 (so that is the number zero and not the letter Oo).

Download here Hi ⛄ Snowman!



Shopping has become a fun bargain hunt. The hardest combo is when you take advantage of Rabble’s benefits (sometimes 100% discounts, sometimes 30-50%), use a card that is connected to the Props service and finally collect Plussa points.

The Rabble application does not need an invitation code, but can be downloaded directly from https://www.rabble.com



This app is one of my classic recommendations, because I have received so many Gift Cards through the service. As often as I can, I give Gift Cards forward, but the most convenient thing here is that the so-called The hourly wage is appropriate, i.e. in relation to the time spent on the answers, the reward is quite reasonable, i.e. 50c – 3€ per task.

Take advantage of the opportunity and join by clicking the link: https://www.crowst.com/crowsters/fi/liity-crowsteriksi/?code=MJE71W



Honeygain involves cryptomining. Plus other additional earning opportunities. If you want to change the money to euros, I will tell you how it happens on post. However, activate the service before then and keep it on for at least half a year.

Sign up for Honeygain


Earn by answering calls

If you want a reward for answering calls (companies), fill out this job application form https://form.jotform.com/233016345261043


More income from advertisements

This site often has advertisements that you can click on to access platforms from which you can earn additional income in addition to the above. If you want your own site that generates income, contact to the owner of the site.

How to make money in Finland


Finland is a country in North-West Europe and is one of the six countries making up the Nordic region. It has a population of over five million and is ranked ninth in total area. Finland has an abundance of natural resources, including timber, granite and coal. The country also has a strong manufacturing sector. Finland is recognized as one of the world’s leading e-commerce nations. Here are some facts about making money online in Finland.

Finland’s economy is strong and growing. The e-commerce sector accounts for almost 18% of the Finnish GDP. Finland has an active online retail community with over 1,100 online retailers. They also have several e-commerce giants including ALIV100, Stockmann, Topmost and Tieto. There are plenty of areas to earn online in Finland as a freelance or fulltime worker. These include data entry, web design, programming and tutoring among others. Plus, Finns love their apps, so there are many options for making money on iPhone apps.

Finns are Internet savvy and make good online entrepreneurs. Finns have high annual Internet usage at 93%. They use the internet daily at a rate of 86%. There are no restrictions on Wi-Fi access in public places and over 80% of households have Internet access at home. This gives Finns plenty of options for starting online businesses. Plus, Finns love their digital devices; they spend over 13 million euros annually on smart devices alone. This makes them well suited to be digital entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to make money online in Finland. You can earn money selling digital products or services on websites or app stores. You can also teach Finnish language online or work as a social media manager or content writer. There are even opportunities to make money blogging or writing ebooks and courses on topics they’re interested in. Since Finns love their digital devices, there’s always room for new apps or websites for these devices to work with Finnish consumers better than anyone else can.

There are several ways to make money online in Finland- from selling goods to making money off of Finnish consumers’ high Internet usage rates. If you’re an entrepreneur willing to put in the hard work, there’s plenty of profit potential for anyone willing to take advantage of it. Anyone willing to put in the hard work can make money online in Finland- all it takes is dedication!

Contact info@tienaakotona.info for more personal advice for how to make money in Finland

Make money at home ABC – the three points of making money

A. Set aside time to earn money


Treat this like studying or working. Constantly bouncing around different ideas from time to time does not bring results and random surfing does not bring money. Choose the most optimal day and time of day when you can focus on making money at home. After that, do everything you can so that you are not disturbed and you can learn more about our way of working (notifications off, door closed, blood sugar in order, etc.). We can show you the fruits of our paths only if you are ready for long-term and regularly repeated work. I understand that you might be nervous if the economy is tight and you need to get some extra income quickly. However, you don’t have to wait months to see the first insights and resulting results. Easy money online is not our method, but a long-term partnership based on mutual trust.


B. Choose a method

OPTION NUMBER 1 – Own product / service / site as a money maker


money for no credit report We hope that together we could find a unique and pleasant income angle for you, where you don’t even have to think about being part of the competition, if you know how to get out of it! You can act both as an individual and as an entrepreneur. Call us and we’ll find a service that suits you or a way to earn money at home, and it doesn’t even have to be connected to the internet in any way! Except in the sense that we do the so-called an online presence, so that a person/customer/artist/craftsman/builder/lawyer/chef… can focus on what he wants to be the best at.

C. Take a guide for your trip


Everyone understands that top athletes have coaches. Top musicians have managers and such. Did you think you could manage without someone who has obviously made mistakes and wasted time on futility? We are ready to help you because getting results faster will inspire you to continue and we know that when we can show you the first euros, you will be hungry for more of our services. On the other hand, it is impossible for us to justify our existence if we do not manage to make you money online and develop in the management of modern tools.


We are happy to answer e-mails and other contacts if you are left wondering what you should do right now. If you don’t want to delay but go straight to action, don’t be alone, call and ask for advice, or if you want to immediately jump into the ranks of real makers, show it by getting paid and effective coaching. Take a guide on your journey and you will succeed!


I am an active user of means of transport; the same day can accommodate a train, metro, car trip and a ride on a scooter (electric scooter). I understand that this is not possible everywhere, but if you do not live in a larger town, it is still a good idea to download the necessary applications in case you make a summer trip to the city. It’s better to leave the car outside than to bring it into the city center.

I have registered with all electric scooter companies and I will briefly summarize my observations about them.

Lime has removed the setup fees, which is why they are currently the cheapest of the bunch, but to be honest, they also have some of the worst inventory. Tier represents German quality and the boards are clearly stronger and more reliable. Voi also has some of the equipment of quite high quality, and on the other hand, their coverage is the best.

You can pick up free rides here:

Register the Lime application and enter the code R5TDK3X

You can get a free trip on the VOI board here:


TIER trusts its product so much that it offers no less than two free trips: